Hummingbird refined base colors

You can fool the eye when it comes to details. If the underlying colors are done well you don’t have to paint every feather or strand of fur. Here are the refined base colors but I am left wondering if I need to more before I start on the details. I think the head needs more work. I’m talking about the Hummingbird, for me that goes without saying.


Hummingbird base coat

Feathers are a trick I still struggle with. There is a color underneath and shapes to be painted on top. You have to start somewhere so I just started laying on some thin color.


That is pretty rough. Next step is to smooth that out and get some dark and light areas established.

Ruby Throated Hummingbird Wings

Moving in from the background it is time to get started on the wings. I am using a gray green and avoiding hard edged detail to give the wings a soft pliable texture.RubyWing

They seem a little pale so more darks are blended in.


It’s 2013 and I am hitting the ground running with a quick practice painting

I am looking forward to 2013 and anxious to see how much I can improve in one year.

Let’s start off with a quick practice piece in acrylic. There was a scrap piece of drawing paper on the kitchen table so while preparing meals I started a doodle. Then day after day I just kept refining and changing until I ended up with this:


Interestingly the feathers were drawn like you would imagine a feather or an old time quill dip pen. That looked cartoonish but drawing the spaces between feathers created a more realistic texture.

The paint was applied in washy layers. I didn’t quite get theĀ metallicĀ feel of the gold leaf on the head dress. I may have to go back to it.