One more try at painting fire.

While I try to master painting leather pants I thought I would take another run at painting fire. Should I wear leather pants while painting fire? Safety first people.

So once again starting with the red but this time I blended it out thoroughly. Henry David Thorough was really good at this.

Now adding orange but this time when I blend I will leave some hard edges. Henry David did not excel at hard edges.

Leather pants with too many buckles

You do it to yourself sometimes. Leather boots with buckles all the way up the leg would look really cool. Wait a minute, who drew all these stupid buckles on these pants?! It’s a form of self hatred I’m sure but I hate myself for thinking that way.

Burnt Sienna, Burnt Umber, and Yellow, which maybe should have been white, makes up the palette for the leather pants. The strappy leather pants with all those buckles. Oh, and by the way, what the hell is an Umber?

Back to the Coyote Skull Shoes

Here is the missing post from last week. Multiple windows, email, and a podcast are not conducive to working with a short attention span. Wait a minute. Now I can’t even remember what I was going to talk about.

The Coyote Skull Shoes are now fairly refined. As always, corrections can still be made. It is a little hard get the bone color right with that bright white unpainted area just above it. I’ll leave the shoes for now and start on the leather pants.