Painting the dragon red

The new clear gesso is great. Here it is on 11×17 art paper locking down my pencil lines so I can paint over it with reds. Yellow on light end and black to pull it to the dark. I tried green to darken it because green is the opposite of red but it seemed too muddy. Funny thing is if you thin the black down a lot it looks green. So I guess I’ll have to start grinding my own pigments and it will take me six hours of prep work just to get some paint on my pallet. Come to think of it, that could be my niche-World’s Slowest Painter.

“Who says this painting should cost a million bucks?”

“The artist, was the World’s Slowest Painter.”

“It’s not even finished”

“Ya, it was his second one.”

Crap away flame remover

With a quick application of Crap Away Flame Remover the failed flame job has magically vanished. Crap Away, available at fine art supply stores everywhere. Let’s let this one dry for a few days and then we can try painting fire again.

Refine your drawing before you paint.

That left wing was too close to the edge of the paper. It would have made framing the piece difficult. Leave a little room for matting and framing. Matt Ian Framig was a famous Scottish artist who in 1857 was…okay never mind.

I cropped out the large white space at the bottom. The dragon isn’t centered well. This piece is going to have a length to width ratio like a tall center in the NBA on a long fast. We’ll see how that works out.

Let’s get some more practice painting.

I have a secret project that I can’t blog about until it is done. It will spoil the roll out. To keep it on the down low let’s call it “Operation Secret Project”. Unfortunately it will take a year to complete so in the mean time I am knocking out some small paintings so I can make some mistakes and refine my technique.

On 11×17 art paper I start pushing the pencil around drawing just big shapes to figure out where everything needs to be. If you avoid drawing in details at the early stages you won’t be afraid to erase and start over.

Yes it’s another dragon. You, in the peanut gallery, zip it!