Candies on the fire

Now that I have bashed my way through the some dull chores and errands I can get back to the flames. Standing alone in the bank lobby for 7 minutes while Matilda finished her break didn’t help but what she doesn’t know is this:

I have laid the orange “candy” over the yellow layer. Now to some whites and the final yellow candy.

The next layer of color on the flames

Here is another lousy photo just to confirm that I am a painter and not a photographer. I’ve put some orange over the red for the next layer.

The next step is to mix just a little red paint with a lot of oil to create a transparent red “candy” coat. In keeping with the lousy photographer theme I missed a photo between the red candy and adding the next layer of color-yellow. Below we see the yellow highlights over the candied red and orange.

Note to self: Take better photos.