Back to the oil painting project

So getting back to that oil painting project. I have completely redone the beast. This one is much more dog like. With its features mostly nailed down what I need to do now is gatorize him with some scales.

Two more points of interest tonight:

I am thinking of calling this one Nightwatch and I still have no clue what is in the background.

Searching for a Pin Up 3

Try anything. Just keep trying. These are all drawn without reference so don’t expect perfection. Just find that pose.

Seraching for a Pin Up 2

Just keep moving. This is why you burn up pages in a sketch book rather than spending the time to paint every iteration. Still failing, still searching.

Searching for a Pin-up 1

I’ve got half an idea in my head for what they call “Pin Up” art.

So the search begins knowing I will fail several time before I find “it”. No reason to hold back, just grab the sketch book and throw down. As awful as it is, it starts here.