Is it finished? It is always a struggle to know when to quit fiddling and move on. I toned down the colors in the gold but I need more practice doing metallic. I will definitely revisit that. The dragon could use some more detail and I need some “atmosphere” around the light source. The rest of the paint will have to dry before I can take care of that. I have a solid idea for my next painting and I am itching to take what I have learned and move on. I still have a lot to learn about color like the fact that ultramarine blue has a little red in it. That sent me off course a little trying to mix a color. I’m getting my mind around when to add oil to the paint, how much, and how the oil reacts with different colors. It is definitely not consistent.

Painting gold

I am attempting a shiny metallic gold for the woman’s costume. After studying reference photos I mixed up 3 tones of neutralized yellow and a little bit of blue as a reflection of the dragon. If you look carefully at metallic objects you will notice that the tones do not blend smoothly into each other. They are separated by hard edges but each tone is smooth within its borders. In the pictures below I have placed my tones with the light source in mind and I used a lot of oil in the paint to keep it glossy. I haven’t blended yet because I want the oily paint to dry just a bit first. Later I will add highlights to emphasize the metallic texture. This is my first attempt at metal and I am at this point not confident about the outcome.

Finished skin tones

A few more stronger highlights may be needed but I think the skin tones are finished. They aren’ quite as orange as they appear here. I’m a lousy photographer. Next I will move forward to the gloves and armor.

Fleshed out.

The flesh tones are all filled in. I just need to add a few details.

Blending the skin tones

Next, I go over the paint with a very soft brush and a very light touch. As I get better at blending the colors I am surprised how you can push the paint around and change the shape of things.