Coffee&Sketches #15

There is an idea here and a pose and this ain’t it. Which is why I do the quick sketches. A half dozen or so quick drawings roughly the size of your hand would help me sort out this composition.

Coffee&Sketches #14


I thought I would include the pencils for this one. Keep it quick and simple and save the details for the pen. I used a reference photo of this Elk taken by a fantastic nature photographer and naturalist named Tom Arbour. Check out more of his work at

Coffee&Sketches 13


I thought I was drawing Vampirella but I got the costume all wrong. I’m not sure where the fenders on the throne came from, just some ideas floating around in my head. I don’t think I did my best work on her face but I managed to get a little expression out of the few lines I used.

Coffee&Sketches #12

A very fast sketch right out of my brain. I used cross hatching to give it mass. This is just enough of a teaser for me to want to gather up some reference photos and do it up right.