Let’s get some movement in these sketches! Here is a couple of gladiators right off the top of my head without using photo reference. Notice all the things in this picture that overlap. That creates the illusion of depth. Also notice the figures are not seen directly from the side but from slightly behind the guy with the spear adding more depth. The figure with the axe is airborne and kicking to create movement and the long swirling helmet plumage adds more.

Coffee&Sketches #10

One of the coolest pieces of architecture in my hometown and they tore it down. Saint Matthews Church was a very unique structure. I have walked this city many times with my camera and it is tough to find any scenes that interest me. I tried to draw the stonework to show the curves of this building, there wasn’t a straight line on it anywhere. I think the two black shapes make a nice contrast and center your eye in the composition.

Coffee&Sketches #9

A girl seated, floating in space like the car yet she seems more solid and grounded. I think it is the angle of her legs and back that tricks your eye that way. None of the angles on the car lead your eye to the ground. Also, the way she leans on her knee suggests to your mind that she is on something solid. I am getting bored with that marker and the limits of line weight. I need to start pushing the envelope.

Coffee & Sketches #8

I started with some pencils before I grabbed the markers on this one. Forcing myself to go fast and keep my hand moving I used no straight edges, french curves, or ellipse templates. With no road under it or any other design elements it just hangs there in space. There is no weight to it and no movement at all. Not a very satisfying piece.

Coffe and Sketches #7

Here is a quick sketch of an owl from Finland I grabbed from the National Geographic Magazine. I like drawing and painting birds but most reference photos show the bird just standing with wings folded. There is nothing cooler than a bird in flight, grabbing air with its wings and feathers, controlling it, and propelling itself along at insane speeds for such fragile creatures. Colorful plumage is nice but in motion birds are exciting to watch.