Coffee & Sketches #5

Just a quick practice using a light source. On a flat piece of paper you have think about the shape of things and how the light will play over them. You can’t get enough practice at this to make the right decisions about where the shadows fall. I may go back over this one and re-post it. I would like to try and force that light even more.

Coffee & Sketches #5

No pencil work this time just straight to ink. You have to get it right the first time. There are a few problems with this one but not too bad I guess. If you spotted the ear tufts you will know this is a Lynx.

Coffee & Sketches #4

If you have ever found yourself in a sword fight you might see her armor as impractical but she looks good wearing it. This picture came to mind after I saw an Olympic javelin thrower in a magazine. I started with pencil to get the curves and proportions right and then markers for the final line work. I think I will try another figure and put more emphasis on the light source. Stop by in a few days to see a more specialized predator.

Coffee & Sketches #3

In this sketch I was trying for a minimum number of pen strokes. This Brazilian beauty is rendered in big bold swathes of solid black. Once again I laid down some quick pencil lines to get my shapes right and then grabbed the markers. Obviously having her hair cover one eye cuts the detail work in half.

My next entry involves a simple mathematical equation.