Searching for a Pin-up 1

I’ve got half an idea in my head for what they call “Pin Up” art.

So the search begins knowing I will fail several time before I find “it”. No reason to hold back, just grab the sketch book and throw down. As awful as it is, it starts here.

Night Watch costuming

By drawing in the trench coat and thigh high boots and erasing some of the under drawing you are probably wondering why I drew the woman in such detail just to erase much of it later. In order to get the coat to look realistic you need a good frame to hang it on. The same is true when drawing just the human figure. If you are not familiar with the skeleton you won’t lay the muscle layer down properly.


So here is the coat and boots. I need some buckles on the boots and the wrinkles on the jacket are not quite right. I may need to gather some reference photos to get the wrinkles in leather right. I’m going to put the details of her costume and her hair aside for now and start on the beast. I still have no ideas for the background and I’m worried I may be painting myself into a corner.